C.M Williams LTD Penrhyn Slate

Roofing Excellence with C.M Williams LTD and Penrhyn Quarry Slates

  • ClientC.M Willians LTD
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  • StartNorth Wales
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Collaborating with C.M Williams LTD, we embarked on a roofing project defined by precision and top-tier craftsmanship. Our material of choice was the esteemed Penrhyn Quarry slate, synonymous with longevity and architectural beauty. Every stage, from initial assessment to final touches, was marked by meticulous attention to detail. The robust underlayment, combined with expertly laid slate tiles, created a watertight and aesthetically harmonious surface. Essential flashing was integrated with precision, ensuring complete protection from water seepage. Upon completion, a rigorous inspection affirmed that the roofing met the high standards set by both our team and C.M Williams LTD. The outcome: a lasting testament to the combined excellence of our partnership and the unmatched quality of Penrhyn Quarry slates.